Intro Text

What if an artist could see yet was philosophically plagued with doubt at the core of his consciousness. What if that person attempted to resolve that doubt by attempting to move along anyway recording his perceptions, conceiving his world, and ordering his epistemological vantage point yet those integral doubts persisted. Not just continued but terrorized his perceptual world. 

What you see in the work of Carlos Reynoso is the battle between his desired order and his adverse spiritual knowing. His spectacle of manners, demonstrated by his gentle and delicate figurative mastery of the fine rendering methods, hopelessly clashes with apocalyptic pictorial ground. For though refined in its manufacture, it is not stable, it is prone to be disordered, and it’s only the artist who assures any outcome of aesthetic or existential stasis. On the surface, cheerful and optimistic, Reynoso’s various theatres of perception (distinguished by different subject matter) are his negotiation and resolution with doubt.

-Franklin Westbrook.