"...Carlos says he hates biographical details. Bisected, tortured, impaled…
it's not possible to separate Carlos from his images. His work is a kind
of diary, a shamelessly passionate window into the turbulent and
disturbed inner workings of a young/old, wiry Dominican-born man who
grew up with a refined understanding of beauty and pain..."
text under "Diary of a dissection"

 "2. WHERE TO FIND THE IMAGES. As you emerge from the subway
you may not notice electric-wire-tubes, fluorescent tubes, trains which are flying tubes, clusters of pipes which are tubes (you fear) full of shit gargling above, with seams that drip grey-brown puddles into tracks which disappear into bigger tubes. You are preoccupied with a boy (really a man) who you hope to speak to (with desire) as he disappears through the hole leading to the street.
He looks a lot like this painted boy on the wall (but he isn’t), without a tube
through his skull."

Complete text under "About Carlos"



"Poco importa para Reynoso, qué es o que será. Clandestino y en silencio solo quiere dar un mensaje IRREVERSIBLE. Para que la vida sea como una flecha disparada siempre al infinito.
El gallo todavía seguirá contando en las mañanas."